Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is home health care?

    Home health care is a regulated program of care delivered by a variety of health care professionals in the client’s home. It is also a Medicare benefit, provided that certain requirements are met. For various reasons, the need for home health care has grown rapidly in the past decade.

    Typical Services Delivered to Clients in their Home Include:

    • Skilled Nursing
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech and Language Therapy
    • Home Health Aide
    • Medical Social Services
    • Dietitian
    • Durable Equipment

  2. Why should I choose Alternative Home Health + Care over other home health service providers in the area?

    Unlike other agencies within the Chicagoland area, our company has been in the home care industry, providing business for over 15 years. We continue to thrive, branching out into new areas of expertise and expansion of marketing territory. Most importantly, our team comprises of health care professionals who are compassionate, and dedicated to providing care with utmost efficiency, professionalism and devotion.

  3. Are your home health care services covered by Medicare?

    Medicare covers 100% of the health services rendered to the client.

  4. Are your home health care services covered by private insurance?

    Depending on the private insurance you carry, the services rendered may be covered by private insurance. Please contact our office to discuss the options available.

  5. What is covered by Medicare?
      Skilled Services That Include:
    • Nursing
    • Physical and Occupational Therapy
    • Speech Therapy
    • Social Services
    • Home Health Aides

      Additional Care-Related Items also Include:
    • Medical supplies
    • Hospital beds, walkers and wheelchairs
    • Oxygen and breathing treatment machines

  6. What are the criteria to qualify for Medicare benefits?
    • Clients must be under “home bound” status: they may only leave home with assistance for intermittent outings, such as: church services, doctor’s appointment, barber appointments, and funerals.
    • Under the Care of a Physician
    • Have Difficulty Living at Home Unassisted
    • Have a Diagnosis That Needs Skilled Nursing Care or Rehabilitation Services
    • Recovering From a Hospital Stay, Illness or Accident

  7. How long are services covered by Medicare?

    Medicare covers 60 days of qualified care services. Should the physician recommend that professional care assistance is still needed by the end of the certification, the client may qualify for an additional 60-day period covered by Medicare.

  8. Who is eligible for health care services?
    • Under the Care of a Physician
    • Have Difficulty Living at Home Unassisted
    • In Need of Skilled Nursing Care or Rehabilitation Services
    • Recovering From a Hospital Stay, Illness or Accident
    • Anyone Eligible for Medicare

  9. Who can initiate home health services?
    • Physicians
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Social Workers
    • Case Managers
    • Discharge Planners

  10. What are the client’s responsibilities?
    • Cooperate in Therapy and Treatment During Scheduled Appointments
    • Work Together in Documentation of Proof for Services Rendered
    • Understand They are Under “Homebound” Status
    • Along with His/Her Family, Client Must Notify our AHH+C all Changes of Health Status
    • Participate in Assessment Process to Develop a Complete Plan of Care

  11. Can I change or discontinue the services my loved one receives?

    Absolutely. Clients have the right to choose their health care provider. If the client wishes to change or terminate their plan of service, they must contact us directly either by phone or person.

  12. Do I pay the clinical professional directly?

    No. There will be absolutely NO client-out-of-pocket money involved. Medicare covers 100% of all health care services and home health therapies.

  13. Are your clinical professionals insured and bonded?

    Yes. The visiting nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists are all covered by liability insurance.

  14. Will I be free to choose the right clinical professional to come and work in my home?

    The doctor will recommend the kind of therapy and treatment the client will receive. Then our agency will recommend the therapist to render the service and visit the home. However, the client still has the option to choose which clinical professionals they are the most comfortable working with.

  15. How often should the medical professionals visit the client to provide healthcare services?

    Depending on the medical diagnosis and the need of service, the primary doctor will give an order of the frequency and length of therapy, which the medical professionals will then provide to the clients.

  16. Do I need a physician’s authorization for your services?

    Yes. Whether its skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc., every home health service must be prescribed by the primary physician.

  17. What if I don’t have a primary physician?

    We can recommend a home physician to you and Medicare will pay 100% of the visiting cost. .

  18. How is privacy of my personal information maintained?

    Our agency ensures that all staff respects the privacy and dignity of our clients. It is mandatory that all of our healthcare professionals are trained with HIPPA privacy law and security regulations.

  19. Who can I talk to regarding complaints and customer dissatisfaction?

    Clients can contact the administrator by phone, in person or by mail. Alternative Home Health + Care, Inc. contact info:

    • Address: 634 N. Cass Avenue Westmont, IL 60559
    • Phone: (630) 971-0778

  20. Can I receive 24-hour care and support from the company?

    Absolutely. Please feel free to call our office at: (630) 971-0778 for 24 Hour Support. Our AHH+C representative will respond to address your needs.